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보비 피셔(Bobby Fischer, 1943년 3월 9일 ~ 2008년 1월 17일)는 미국 시카고에서 태어난 체스 선수로, 본명은 로버트 제임스 피셔 (Robert James Fischer)이다. 1972년부터 1975년까지 세계 체스 챔피언 타이틀을 차지했던 그는 "미국의 체스 영웅"으로 불리며 체스 960을 고안했다.

A chess prodigy, at age 13 Fischer won a "brilliancy" that became known as The Game of the Century. Starting at age 14, he played in eight United States Championships, winning each by at least a point. At age 15½, he became both the youngest grandmaster and the youngest candidate for the World Championship up to that time. He won the 1963–64 U.S. Championship 11–0, the only perfect score in the history of the tournament. In the early 1970s he became one of the most dominant players in modern history—winning the 1970 Interzonal by a record 3½-point margin and winning 20 consecutive games, including two unprecedented 6–0 sweeps in the Candidates Matches. According to research by Jeff Sonas, in 1971 Fischer had separated himself from the rest of the world by a larger margin of playing skill than any player since the 1870s. He became the first official World Chess Federation (FIDE) number-one rated chess player in July 1971, and his 54 total months at number one is the third longest of all time.

In 1972, he captured the World Championship from Boris Spassky of the USSR in a match widely publicized as a Cold War confrontation. The match, held in Reykjavík, Iceland, attracted more worldwide interest than any chess match before or since. In 1975, Fischer declined to defend his title when he could not reach agreement with FIDE over the conditions for the match. He became more reclusive and did not play competitive chess again until 1992, when he won an unofficial rematch against Spassky. The competition was held in Yugoslavia, which was then under a United Nations embargo. This led to a conflict with the U.S. government, which was also seeking income tax from Fischer on his match winnings. Fischer never returned to his native country.

In his later years, Fischer lived in Hungary, Germany, the Philippines, Japan, and Iceland. During this time he made increasingly anti-American and anti-Israel statements. After his U.S. passport was revoked over the Yugoslavia sanctions issue, he was detained by Japanese authorities for nine months in 2004 and 2005 under threat of deportation. In February 2005, Iceland granted him right of residence as a "stateless" alien and issued him a passport. When Japan refused to release him on that basis, Iceland's parliament voted in March 2005 to give him full citizenship. The Japanese authorities then released Fischer to Iceland, where he lived until his death in 2008.

5번유형 - 탐구자 (The Investigator)

생각을 드러내지 않음 지각력이 있음 똑똑함 기민함 통찰력이 있음 객관적 비범함 호기심이 많음

우리는 5번 유형을 탐구자라고 이름 붙였다. 5번 유형은 다른 어떤 유형보다도 일이 일어나는 방식에 대해 알고 싶어하기 때문인다. 이들은 우주, 동물계, 식물계, 광물계, 그리고 내면의 세계까지 모든 세계가 어떻게 움직여지는지 알고 싶어한다. 항상 뭔가를 추구하고 질문을 던지고 깊이 탐구해 들어간다. 이들은 일반적으로 받아들여지고 있는 의견과 학설을 받아들이지 않으며 자기 나름대로 검증해 보아야 한다고 생각한다.

문제 해결자 (6번날개를 가진 5번유형)

Type 5 Wing 6 이 부속 유형의 사람들은 조직적이고 세밀하게 관찰하는 능력을 가지고 있다. 그래서 이들은 다양한 사실들로부터 의미 있는 결론을 이끌어 내며 그 결론을 바탕으로 많은 것을 예측해 낼 수 있다. 이들은 자신에게 안정감을 주는 은신처를 찾는다. 이들은 엔지니어링이나 과학, 철학, 발명이나 수리 같은 것에 관심을 갖는 경우가 많다. 또한 다른 사람들과 협력할 줄 알고 꾸준하며 다른 부속 유형에 비해 실질적인 문제를 잘 다룬다. 혁신적인 아이디어를 사업에 적용시키는 능력이 있어서 많은 수익을 내기도 한다.

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